Concurrent Enrollment


Research Universities (OU & OSU):  24 ACT OR 3.0 GPA & top 33% class rank

Regional Universities (this would include Cameron):  20 ACT OR 3.0 GPA & top 50% class rank

Community College (this would include Western & Murray):  19 ACT OR 3.0 GPA

Once you are admitted, you must have a 19 ACT score in the subject area to enroll in a corresponding subject college class.

Tuition Waivers:

Seniors receive 18 credit hours of tuition waivers during the summer prior to, fall, and spring of their senior year.  They will still have to pay for fees and books.  Must maintain 2.0 GPA.

Currently, Cameron and some other colleges are still offering juniors 6 credit hours of tuition waivers per semester for their fall and spring of their junior year. Requirements are the same as for seniors. They will still have to pay for fees and books.    Must maintain a 3.0 GPA.

Students may enroll in a combined high school and college courses equal to 19 credit hours.  One half credit of a high school unit is equal to 3 semester credit hours of college work. 

Cameron University

Western Oklahoma State College

Murray State College