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Comanche has great programs and innovative teachers. We would love for your family to call Comanche home. Please complete the application process for transfers at Transfer Forms.

Vaccination Information

All students of all grade levels are required to have a current immunization record or a state approved exemption form on file with the school prior to their admission to school. Please see the following link that provides information on what immunizations are required, as well as the link to the exemption form for parents to print, fill out & return to the school.

Student Insurance

DATE:             June 21, 2023

TO:                  Parents of Comanche Students

FROM:             Julie Bills, Superintendent

SUBJECT:         Accident Insurance 2023-2024 School Year

Comanche Schools will provide medical flight coverage for athletes while participating in games, practice, or while traveling in a school vehicle to and from games.  This coverage is provided through Air Evac EMS, Inc.  This policy will pay for the cost of those services in the event of a life-threatening injury that requires air transport to a trauma center.  Flights from the accident site or from a local hospital to a trauma center are covered.  Also, all student-athletes are covered under a catastrophic ($25,000 Deductible) injury policy provided by the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activity Association.

Student accident insurance is available to all parents for a reasonable premium amount.  It is underwritten by K & K Insurance.  This insurance is a primary insurance policy and covers listed benefits with no deductible regardless of other insurance you may have.  The insurance is offered for your convenience and neither the school nor any school official is compensated in any way by the insurance company.

Even if you have health insurance that covers accidents, your current plan may fall short of paying the total bill. 

You may go online at for further information or to enroll in this plan.

Special Education

The Special Education Department of Comanche Public Schools offers a free and appropriate education for students with disabilities. Special education and related services begin at age three and continue through age 21, or completion of the 12th grade. Educational services are provided by appropriately certified special education teachers. Related services available through the district include speech/language therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and interpreter services. The amount and duration of all of these services is determined by the Individual Education Planning team and are based on the needs of the individual student.

The Special Education Department provides referral, evaluation, and placement services for special education and Section 504 students. Vision and hearing screenings are also administered through this department.

If you suspect that a child may have a disability or if you need additional information, please contact the Special Education Department of Comanche Public Schools at (580) 439-2953 or FAX (580) 693-3026 or email us at or