National Board Certified Teachers

Comanche Public Schools currently employs five National Board Certified Teachers.  Other faculty members are working toward this certification as well, as our district encourages our teachers toward achievement in their teaching fields. 

Attaining National Board Certification is the teaching profession’s highest honor.  National Board Certification is a voluntary process achieved through rigorous performance-based assessments that examine the candidate’s knowledge and methods of instruction. Teachers report that the process, which can take one to three years, forever changes the way they approach teaching. 

The National Board process not only identifies accomplished teachers but also is a profound professional development experience that requires teachers to demonstrate how their activities both inside and outside the classroom improve student achievement.  

Comanche Educators Who Have Earned National Board Certification: 

  1. Misti Mitchell-Bain
    Comanche Public School Physical Education Director/Teacher

  2. Jeri Donn McCauley
    Comanche High School Technology

  3. Kim Clampitt
    Comanche Elementary / Transitional First

  4. Lynn Tilley
    Comanche Elementary Library Media Specialist

  5. Gina Hamovitz
    Comanche Elementary 1st Grade Teacher

  6. Angela Rouse
    Comanche Middle School Principal