school desk

Dear Pre-K Parents and Caregivers, 

School is right around the corner and I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know some procedures and expectations for this year.  School will begin August 19 th for all other grades. Pre-K students will have staggered small groups starting August 19 th . 

Your child will be assigned to a small group and will come to school on the assigned day of the week, either August 19 th or August 20 th . This will allow the teacher to spend time with a small group of students per day so they can learn procedures and will, hopefully, make the transition much smoother. 

You will be notified by your child’s teacher what day they will start. The groups are listed below and parent will be notified on what group their child is in. Example: Group A students will ONLY come on August 19 th for ONE DAY, then they will return on August 23rd ; Group B students will ONLY come on August 20 th for ONE DAY, then they will also return on August 23rd . August 19 th – Group A August 20 th – Group B August 23rd – All Pre-K attend together.

On your child’s first day we ask that only one parent bring the child into the building. The parent can help get the child adjusted and then parents may leave at any time once they feel their child is comfortable.  Please limit this time to no longer than 20 minutes.